Why is My Grandma Using CBD?

It’s no secret that CBD is silently taking over the world. It’s showing up in gummies, vapes, and even toothpicks.

By Plant Power Team
January 21, 2021 – 4 min read

It’s no secret that CBD is silently taking over the world. It’s showing up in gummies, vapes, and even toothpicks. As I expected, most of my friends have started turning to it. I’ve heard story after story about the many amazing benefits that it offers. Then things got weird. I found out that my grandma started taking CBD every day. Right? That sounds ridiculous. This is the same woman who can’t operate a cable TV remote. She’s not the only senior jumping on board the CBD train either! Apparently, everyone’s grandparents are buying into the supposed “miracles of CBD”. Here’s everything that we could find!

Joint Pain Relief

One of the largest reasons why older generations turn to CBD is for joint pain relief. Studies have shown that 15 million people experience joint pain as a result of arthritis and most of them are over the age of 60. That makes them the perfect candidates for CBD!

CBD also comes in many easy to use forms such as ointments, topicals and patches. These offer a less intimidating method of application that is appealing for older generations. Some consumers believe that applying CBD-infused ointments directly to affected areas can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Not to mention, less inflammation leads to slower aging, better skin, and even a better immune system.

Anxiety Relief

Another big reason why CBD has become so popular among older generations is because they believe it relieves stress and anxiety. While many would normally associate anxiety with younger generations, it turns out that many of our grandparents deal with the same issues! Multiple studies have shown that more seniors deal with anxiety than we believe. As a result, many are turning to daily CBD oils in order to help cope with the stress.


This is all great, but how did anyone ever convince this generation that CBD wasn’t the same thing as marijuana? This is due to the fact that CBD is becoming culturally normalized. There’s educational material everywhere and it seems that as soon as the older generation finds out that CBD doesn’t get you high, most are willing to give it a chance.

So what does all of this mean? Our grandparents are all turning to CBD and I’m excited about it! They have a less intimidating and safe way to find the relief that many of them need! I might even start looking into finding them some CBD droppers for their next birthday.